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Mar 20, 2011 4:30pm PDT
president obama could do to help japan with the catastrophe of biblical proportions. he's been under pressure to go first on social security and also to lead the charge on libya. we'll take them one at a time. first libya, the u.n.'s action calmed the week's-long drum beat for a no-fly zone over libya. obama waited for europe and the arab league, aware that americans are reluctant to take on another fight in the arab world. and as a consequence to 2012, perhaps a political upside to backing the freedom fighters but on the downside, there's always a risk of getting blamed. the president said, i'm not going to be point man on libya. he said i'm going to stay back and get the pack ahead of me. >> he did. the problem looking irresolute has gone away for the moment. he got the u.n. security council which does not move like a s.w.a.t. team normally and he got the russians and chinese to abstain. he got the cease-fire out of qaddafi. but there's a downside. three-quarters of the american public thinks this is a problem that should be left to someone else. it's not clear what happens next af
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)